Ever since in 19th century when great Dr. Samuel Heinemann discovered a new way to treat patients suffering from serious health problems, Homeopathy is known as safest and accurst way to medicine.

A lot of diseases like SKIN AND SEXUAL DISORDERS, ALLERGIES, ASTHMAS, RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS, SINUSITIS, MIGRAINE, DEPRESSION, KIDNEY STONE, PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT and other chronic diseases, which either have no allopathic treatment OR their allopathic treatments are painful and have serious side effect, but all these diseases have effective and harmless treatments in Homeopathic system of medicine.

Dr. Anil Agarwal is a senior Homeopath based in Delhi, practicing for the last 38 years. He did his MD in Homeopathic treatment of Thyroid. He is a trained acupuncturist and combining synergistic effect of acupuncture with homeopathy, during his long career of 38 years he has treated numerous patients of acute and severe ailments, else considered to be incurable, from across India and several other countries.

Dr. Agarwal besides being engaged in treating patients, has also been associated with educating and training younger generation as advisory member of Nehru Homeopathic Medical Collage, New Delhi India. He is an avid traveller and writer, with articles published in leading daily newspapers and magazines of hindi and english languages.

Along with treatment and education he has been a part of further research and development as member of Delhi Homeopath Anusandhan Parishad (Delhi Homeopath Research Council) – Delhi Government. His services have been recognised, utilised and honoured by several associations and organisations like South Delhi Homeopath Association, M. M. T. C., D. D. A., H. I. L., Maharaja Agarsain Hospital, New Delhi etc.