‘Munna Bhai’ and corruptive admission in colleges!!!

In my school days, an essay was very popular, ‘My ambition in life’, that usually came in the examination, which was the reason of its popularity. Therefore every student knew how to write down it impressively. All most every one wrote to become either doctor or engineer and some of them might write to be lawyer. There was no other thought in the mind though there were some limited options present even at that time. Nowadays many lucrative professions have come up in the scene of livelihood. These lines are well known now so there is no need to name them here. But either some students or their parents, the group is difficult to segregate, still have the same old ambition that the students wish to be or the parents want to make them either doctor or engineer and nothing else.

When they fail to achieve their target after using all their efforts; they may go in to depression. But some of them fall in to the hands of some so called agents. These agents provide them full hope of achieving the desires. They explain how to get admission in the desired stream through some tricks. These agents demand money to provide them such help. Highly ambitious and non- deserving students are trapped in this illegal act. These driving forces provide them false mark sheet of the twelfth standard if the student has low rank in original. After that they arrange a guy who will sit in the test in place of the real one. In this way the boy concerned, obtains high rank in the competitive examination. Such students are called ‘Munna Bhai’ in India.

In the Inderprastha University, Delhi Many students, ‘Munna Bhai type’, are caught in this illegal activity. Some of them belong to even poor families; they have sold their land to fulfill their desire through this illegal act. The joint registrar of the University, Col.Pardeep enquired of these trapped students; it was revealed that these students were under a heavy pressure of their parents. A student, Rahul (name changed) said, ‘My parents had the desire that I would get admission in engineering but I couldn’t succeed in qualifying the entrance test. After that I got help from one of my friends who arranged a chap to appear in the exam in place of me.’ Rahul said the guy who appeared in the exam charged Rupees twenty thousand for it in advance. It is also strange that those who were caught in this scandal at the time of admission, came either alone or with their friends and brother. No one came there with his parents so there is a possibility that some parents might not be aware about the act done by their children. Because some caught students were crying pitiably and requesting the authority not to inform their parents.

This year the university is in trouble because every day such students are being wedged in this scandal. Next year, the University will have to find out some methods to control such illegal admission activities.

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