Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Growth

Fees: 1200

In today’s stressful and polluted environment hair fall and premature baldness has become a major issue. A successful treatment of hair loss covers two aspects, one stopping further hair fall and two start with hair growth. Sometimes stopping the hair fall can also cure the problem, in cases where natural hair growth is there. But cases where natural hair growth has stopped due to any of the reason, one treatment without the other will never give desired results. Homeopathic as a system of medicine, has always believed that body has the power of self healing and given the right environment and conditions it can cure all sorts of severe and chronic diseases.



Homeopathic medicine for hair growth consists of

Sodium Chloride or table salt is the base of homeopathic medicine Natrum Muriaticum. This medicine treats hair fall occurring from skin disorders, dryness of scalp, menstrual disorders or hormonal imbalance. Treating these symptoms automatically treats hair fall.
Hydrofluoric Acid is used in homeopathic medicine Flouricum Acidum. Early age hair loss in males, broken hair, hair fall in spots is treated with this medicine.
Made from whole fresh plants, Vinca minor is used for treatment of bald spots, corrosive itching of scalp and matting hair together.
Packing: The homeopathic medicine for hair growth is available in 3X1 month packing.

Direction of Use: Take 4 globules each, before breakfast and dinner.

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