Satire works even better than a sword

I read an article based on satire in Panchjanya, a weekly news paper, written by Vijay. As I liked it, so I thought that I should provide the article some space at my blog. Although some people make so many ridiculous talks, they don’t write down much on this subject. Though such write-ups may convey bigger message than other types of stories. People who write on satire based features are really more intelligent than those who write on serious issues. They can analyze every type of situation easily. They can even tell you what the real motive behind the given situation is. Some teachers teach in a humorous way in the class and the pupils learn his subject easily and in a friendly atmosphere as compared to other teachers’ class.

Once I had also got a chance to attend classes of such a teacher. Although I do practice Homeopathy as a profession, a friend of mine, retired as a Dy. Director from Govt. of India, insisted me to join a short term export-import course run by the Govt. Intially I was a bit reluctant to join it. Then he said to me, “As the classes are to be held in the after noon being your free time so you must join the program.” Hearing his argument I gave him my consent to join the lectures. During the course a teacher, Paras Ram, a noted author and a jolly fellow gave some lessons. At the end of the session he said, “You may think that your teacher is an expert in export-import subject and if he starts his business he would be a successful entrepreneur. But I want to tell you that I am already a victorious man as a teacher and a writer and now this is your turn to show your capability in the export-import business.” Although he said this in humor, the meaning of his words was very deep. Some times a satire works even better than a sword. In the beginning I told you that I would write down what Vijay had written in his composition. But you pardon me at this movement and I promise you that some other day I would definitely write down the contents of his essay in my blog.

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