Peter and Three Dead

Three men were standing in a queue to get in to the heaven. Apparently it was a busy day, so Peter said, “The heaven seems to be full today, and I have been asked to admit only one who got horrible death. You tell me your story to get entry in to the heaven.” The man, standing on the first number said, “I suspected that my wife was cheating on me, and I thought to catch her red handed. Today I have been at home earlier and searched out my whole apartment that is on the 25th story, but couldn’t find a guy. Then I went out the balcony and saw a man hanging on the railing. Seeing him, I burst out and started beating and kicking on his hands but he didn’t leave the hand. I went inside the flat and immediately come back with a hammer. I began to hammer his hand until he fell down. I leaned over the railing and saw him lying on the bushes even though he was alive. So I went again inside and grabbed the fridge. Arriving at the balcony, I threw the fridge over him. He died as the fridge hit him. But due to the outburst of anger I got a heart attack and died.” Peter told him that he could go in to the heaven as he died horribly.

Then Peter called the second guy and explained the problem before him and told him to narrate his story. The second guy said, “I lived in the 26th story flat and was doing yoga in the balcony of my flat. All of a sudden I slipped and fell out of the balcony, but I managed to catch the railing of the 25th floor and was hanging there. Soon I saw a man entering in to the balcony and thought that now I could be saved. But the guy was in anger and started beating on my hands. I managed to hold the railing until he went inside the apartment. But soon he appeared in the balcony with a hammer in his hand and started hammering on my hand. My hands left the railing and I fell down on the bushes but I was still alive. Soon a fridge fell on me from the sky and I died.” Hearing his story Peter also allowed him to go into the heaven.

The third, naked guy came before Peter. Peter narrated him the same situation and asked him to tell his story. “Picture this”, he said, “I am hiding in the fridge naked.”

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