Story of an Air-Conditioner

My clinic is situated in the basement and I have been working there for twenty six years. When I started my practice there I was quite young and could tolerate the heat of the summer easily. Moreover the basement had cross ventilation, as there was an entry gate at one side and ventilators on the opposite side. These ventilators are inside the two shops. A tent house and tailoring work were running in these two shops respectively. So it had been cool from inside even in the month of May and June. But the tailoring shop had closed down for ten years and at that place, a beauty parlor is being run. The beauty parlor’s owner keeps her glass gate always closed. The other shop, tent house has also been shifted to another shop, on the ground floor, so that it has also closed down permanently. In this way the ventilation of the basement has been impaired. That is why the temperature of the basement remains high and I feel hot there. To get rid of the heat of the basement I got an AC (air conditioner) installed in my clinic. It provides me a lot of relief. It is a split AC so that the unit of it is kept out of the building. AC needs service every year. So I also get my AC serviced every year but never felt satisfaction with the work of the service engineer. This time I tried to find out a good service boy of AC. A friend of mine whose shop is also in my community center suggested me a guy who is good in his job as an AC service man. My friend is satisfied with his work for many years, so I also called him up. Yesterday, he came to my clinic in the morning even before me. When I reached the clinic he had cleaned the indoor unit of the AC.  After that he checked the unit and found that the blower of the AC was not in function. So he reopened the unit and searched out the fault. The wire was broken so that it was not functioning. He reconnected the wire and after that blower began to work properly. The compressor of the AC is kept out side the building at about fifteen feet height, so to reach there a ladder was needed but he couldn’t procure it. He promised me that he would come the next day. He fulfilled his promise as came there today after getting my friend’s telephone. He cleaned the outer unit to my satisfaction. Today the AC did its job satisfactorily. In the evening, I asked my assistant to start the AC but it didn’t work. Then I told my friend to telephone the mechanic. The mechanic advised him to restart the AC. As he switched it on, it started functioning properly. I couldn’t understand how it started working again properly. Now only time will tell whether it functions properly or not.

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