Lord Krishna’s son — marriage

‘Hey King’, Sukdev said, “There was a country, named Leelawati at the mount of the Suvarn Giri. The king, named, Vidya Dhar ruled there. He had a daughter, named Sundari who was very beautiful, with a glory of hundred moons. The king had arranged many ‘Swayamvars’ to search out the bridegroom for his daughter, where many well dressed ‘Devta’ and ‘Lokpal’ in a charming make-up visited every time. But the king’s daughter had the condition that the person, on seeing whom she got unconcious, would be her husband. She said it as she had the desire to get a smart husband. At the advice of Devraj Inder, Praduman along with his brothers went to her ‘Swayamvar’ and sat on the invaluable chairs. All the Devtas and the courtiers who were present in the ‘Swayamvar’ wore precious stone stud dresses. Seeing Praduman there, they left the hope of their selection.

At that time a precious stone garland in her hand, Sundari, who was looking more beautiful than ‘Rati’ and ‘Rambha’, came there. Seeing her, all the Devtas and the courtier were charmed. Princess Sundari, looked like ‘Laxmi’ started searching an eligible spouse for her among the people present there. Reaching near smart Praduman, she fainted. She regained her senses after sometime. She stood up in a cheerful mood and put a precious stone garland around Praduman’s neck. Garlanding him she stood beside. The king also gave his consent at the proposal of his daughter. Devtas couldn’t tolerate seeing this marriage and they encircled the place like the clouds covering the sun. Seeing them angry and ready to fight, Praduman and his friends also took their arms and challenged them. Devtas got defeated at the end of the war and ran away in all directions like the sun shattering the clouds. Praduman married Sundari in the end.”

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