Who is Rahman ?

A boy, Shankar worked in the house of a rich man. The man had two children- a boy and a girl. They three were of the same age group. The rich man’s son, Ramesh was not polite in nature; he always abused and beat Shankar although his sister, Roopa was affectionate to Shankar. One day Ramesh saw a locket around Shankar’s neck. Seeing it Ramesh tried to snatch it but Shankar didn’t allow him to take it. In this quarrel Shankar beat Ramesh. Roopa ran to call her father. She reached near him but found dead.

Since then Ramesh always rebuked Shankar. But Shankar and Roopa fell in love with each other. In this way they grew up but Ramesh hadn’t left to harass Shanker. One day Ramesh said to Shankar, “I have left my gun at Rahman’s house so you go there to take my gun back as I am to go for hunting. Now the time is 8 O’clock and I will go out at 9 so you do hurry.” ‘But Rahman’s house is 3 Km away from here. How can I come back in an hour,’ Shankar said. ‘I don’t know it. you may go and come running there,’ Ramesh replied.

Shankar did the same as he was said. When he reached Rahman’s house he came to know that Ramesh gun was not there. It was already with Ramesh. When he returned from Rahman’s house he was again beaten by Ramesh. Roopa and Shankar met regularly in a ruined and vacant fort which was not far from their house. Rahman was also in love with Roopa. Ramesh was indulged in wine and woman and lost his property. One day Ramesh came to know that Shankar loved his sister then Ramesh and his goons beat Shankar badly and threw him in to a river. But he was saved by some fisher men. Getting well soon, he started working in a textile mill. One day there, he came to know through his locket that he was the owner of the mill where he was working. In this way he became rich. He sent his manager to Ramesh’s house where his manager baught Ramesh’s house.

After that Shankar came back to Ramesh house. When he reached there he got the news that Roopa was about to be married with Rahman. He got shocked. The story kept continuing around them. In the last Shankar got his love and they were tied with the thread of marriage. It was the happy end of the movie. The name of the movie was ‘Dil Diya Aur Dard Liya’. I forgot the name of Rahman as a character in the movie. If you know it you kindly let me know it.

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