Conch — A Symbol of Hindu’s !!!

Why conch is blown? Does its sound cause some special effect on human health? Atharveda says its echo destroys devils. Yajurveda says its resonance affects enemy negatively in war. It is said a person uses it during prayer, his sins are destroyed and he feels pleasure with God Vishnu. All religious rituals may be correct scientifically; Scientists believe that the sun rays are hurdle in the progress of sound so that conch is blown before sun rise and after sun set when the sun rays are very weak. When conch is blown, the harmful germs like bacteria and viruses etc. that live in the area where its sound reaches, are fainted and destroyed. A man’s dumbness or stammering might be corrected with the sound of conch. A man who blows conch may get immunity against asthma and other lung diseases. Its regular jingle helps in keeping environment pollution free.

It is also seen that water kept in conch is sprayed on devotees after prayer. Sulphur, Phosphorus and Calcium are present in conch excess in quantity. If Conch’s water is sprayed on anything, it becomes germs free and pure. If its water is taken by a pregnant woman her child’s voice will be modest.

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