Role of Abusive Words in the Society, and homeopathy!!!

Abusive language is used to make others feel bad. It is not a special type of lingo. In every verbal communication some words are considered not good in the society. Mohan always teased Shyam through his act. Shyam was not strong enough to oppose him. He was not finding any way out to teach Mohan a lesson. Mohan was really a notorious boy in the school. Not only Shyam but also other students of the school were facing the same problem. Nobody was daring to say anything to Mohan as he was also physically strong. One day Shyam got an idea he used some abusive words for Mohan in front of him and ran away as he was an athlete and disappeared from the scene. Mohan felt insulted but he couldn’t act against Shyam as he was not there. Many other students also saw the whole drama. Since then Mohan hadn’t teased Shyam. It shows those who are physically weak use abusive words as their arms and ammunitions.

Nowadays some people use abusive language just as a matter of habit. They are born and brought up in such families where abusive words are used frequently and have become the part of their language. But when these people go in society and use such words they are labelled as bad people.

Before this decade abusive language was not used in Hindi movies even when it would be the demand of the storey. The writers of the film story were always very cautious in this matter. But now abusive words have become the part of film stories.

Sometimes abusive language is the cause of violence between two friends or two groups of people. It has also happened that a single abusive word was the cause of murder. It is said that Daropadi used some such words for Druodhan and after sometimes these words were the cause of Mahabharata war.

Some questions arise regarding it. One: who invented such words? Second: How he got an idea that these words could be used in such a way in language. It seems that every language has such type of words. If anybody knows any such language that has no abusive or insulting word, he may kindly let me know of it. But it is definite that the one who invented these words was really genius and I salute him.

In homeopathy, there are some medicines which are used on those patients who use abusive words and these medicines help them in curing their illness like miracle.

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