A journey to Village

Last week, I got an opportunity to go to Bihar and it was seventy kilometer journey by car. There was a lot of greenery and fields along with the road. Even in the past journies of the area the greenery always attracted me. Women in a small group were sitting at the road side touching each other, at some places. Some of them were removing lices from the head of each other and chatting. I stopped the car at one place and got down to take a cup of tea; there were also women sitting in large groups. I sat just near them deliberately to over hear their talk. They were talking about their family and village affairs. A young and newly wed lady was embrcing an old lady, who might be her mother, and weeping as if she had come from her in-law’s house. Other women untied their embrace. Next day I attended a marriage in a village wherein at the time of departure of the newly wed couple; the bride’s family members were crying pitiously. The bride was not leaving her mother and was not willing to get in a car. Collectively it was producing a strange and emotional scene.

I stayed in the marriage for about twelve hours, and for two days in the village. In these two days I felt many things which couldn’t be experienced in a city. You can’t find those things in a city, with the help of which people pass their life in scarcity in a village.

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