Terrorism and a country

Leaders are the back bone of any country. If they have wise vision the country concerned develops fast other wise it will be ruined that is an irreparable loss. Our some leaders are really praiseworthy who have done a lot for the country but a few have done some blunders so that the country has still been facing its consequences. Sometimes a few leaders support the terrorism deliberately or ignorantly. That is the worst part of the politics. The government must understand one thing clearly and be determined that it would not support terrorism in any condition whether the party concerned come on the ruling level or not. If any good leader is lost due to terrorism, it is the loss of his family, his party and the nation too. The country loses its respect among other countries and its development is also hampered. If any Govt. or a leader caters the terrorism, the day comes when the said is ruined by it. Pakistan is the living example of such act.

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