Amazing Love Marriage

Ram Parsad, a resident of Ganga nagar is about fifty years old having a mother, a wife and three children – two sons and one daughter. He belongs to a middle class family and has a rural background.  The word rural-background is especially mentioned here so that a number of things can be understood easily in this article. People who are so called villagers have certainly some rigidity for their many rituals and beliefs.

Every thing was going on smoothly in his family as apparently it appeared. One day he came to know that his elder son who was of marriageable age was going in for love marriage. He tried to persuade the son not to go for such marriage as our cultural set-up doesn’t permit us for the act. But the son, Suraj paid no heed to his advice. After that Ram Parsad threatened him for dire consequences but in vain. On the contrary Suraj went to the court to seek police protection for his life and succeeded in getting it. Then he went in for love marriage. Ram Parsad was very frustrated from the act of his son.

One fine day people all of a sudden got very strange news that Ram Parsad had also performed his second marriage. Having got married he also moved the court to seek police protection for his life. Having gone through the whole case the court was also amazed as to how he dared to move the court because everybody knows that going in for second marriage is an offence as per the Hindu Marriage Act. Ram Parsad retorted in his plea that he took this step only to take revenge from his son. No body was satisfied with his argument as there was no point in favoring Ram Parsad on this issue. His wife stated that Ram Parsad used to torture her since the time she got married to him. Even his own mother was not in his favor. She also said, ‘Ram Parsad is at fault. He shouldn’t go for this illegal act and which ashamed her in front of the whole society.’ She also added that he was not a good natured guy. This story appeared in a news channel on TV. The channel also viewed that the court and police were bewildered what type of step they should take in this case. The news channel also telecast that the court was also thinking on this line whether Ram Parsad was doing a drama just to get police protection as his son was availing.

Having watched this news a question arose in the mind why the court and police should get bewildered. The case is quite clear and there is no ambiguity in this case. There is no good favoring Ram Parsad as he had committed a crime after going in for second marriage. He must thus be penalized as it hadn’t been better to dismiss the case without taking any action. Ram Parsad’s argument is also not worth considering as he has no right to go for second marriage though Indian law permits every body if anyone desires to go for love marriage as his son did. It seems that it is simply a drama that Ram Parsad created just to hide his offence. The case must be closed with wise decision.

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