Road Rage in Delhi

Recently a young man had been killed in road rage at a posh market in Delhi. The case has been very much popularized by the media so that everybody is talking about it and people begin to think that they shouldn’t overreact on the road if some bad incident happens there. In this popular case a man’s (Rahul) car had touched the car of another guy, Rajesh, though unintentionally – name changed, as stated by a spectator. The version may be otherwise, as the family members of the deceased claimed then.

Having hit the car of Rajesh, Rahul got out of his car and started arguing with Rajesh and challenged him to get off the car. But Rajesh was not in a mood to go in for fighting. He didn’t come out of the car. Rajesh even tried to escape from the scene but couldn’t succeed in it as Rahul was standing just adjacent to his car. After a few minutes Rajesh again tried to go away from the place but his car hit Rahul in the end. Rahul was killed on the spot. Having seen him dead and the crowd, Rajesh used the back-gear of the car and tried to disappear from the place but in vain as people caught him. Rahul was taken to the hospital but the doctor declared him brought dead. In this way the trivial hit had turned into the loss of one life.

Rajesh was then arrested by the police and was booked in under some sections of criminal act. Next day he got bail as usual it happens in such like cases. As both the guys belonged to the reputed families, the blame game has been started. Neither of the parties is ready to understand the reality even after getting such a big loss as one had gone to his heavenly abode and another’s career had certainly been ruined, whosoever may be at fault.

The time has now come when people of Delhi must learn lesson from this incident. They should also think that the roads are not meant only for them. Everybody has equal right to use the roads so that every one ought to use them as per the laws framed by the traffic police. These traffic rules are not made to harass the motor driver but to provide him smooth driving. If any unpleasant thing happens on the road one shouldn’t loose one’s temper. It had been better to think that other guy is also a road user as he is. So I should behave with him properly. In case there is any damage occurred to the vehicle the same will be repaired through the insurance company as all the vehicles are mandatorily insured. So no body is at loss even after some damage of the vehicle. Even the big damage can’t be compared with the loss of life.

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