Should parents be sympathetic ?

Nirupama, a 22yrs old journalist and is no more in this world called the earth. She was found dead in her home in Jharkhand state. She did her course of journalism from the reputed institute; Indian Institute of Mass Communication situated in Delhi, the capital of India, and worked in the media. A boy, Ranjan was her batch mate in the institute and now is working in PTI. They both were in love with each other. Nirupama wanted to get married to Ranjan but her mother, Sudha and other members of the family opposed her proposal as they belonged to Brahmin community and Ranjan was Kayasth by cast. Nirupama’s father and two brothers were working on the respectable posts in the Govt. offices and it might be another cause of refusal for the match.

In the month of April, Nirupama had gone to her native place as her mother was ill. One day her mother called the police as Nirupama was found dead in her home. A complaint had been lodged for this mysterious death with the police and the police started its investigation in the case. During investigation, Sudha changed her statement twice when she was telling the story. Sudha told the police that she and Nirupama were alone on the day of incident and Nirupama had been electrocuted. But latter on, Sudha changed her words and said that Nirupama hanged herself from the fan and handed over her suicidal note to the police. ‘She was crying on the phone and said she would not meet him now as her parents do not agree to the proposal,’ Ranjan told the police that Nirupama telephoned me a day before her death. The post-mortem report revealed that she had three months pregnancy. Her father and two brothers were on leave on that day from their respective offices. The police sent the suicidal note to forensic laboratory for hand writing analysis. On the basis of circumstantial evidences, Sudha was arrested on the charge of murder.

A question arises how a mother who gives birth to a child and help her in the growing up process could kill her daughter. She can commit the act under the influence of insanity. Our society is passing through a transition period, between old cultural influence and neoliberal thoughts. It is very difficult for the mother to accept the new thoughts; she thinks if she surrenders before the liberal thoughts of her daughter the respect of her family will be ruined. Although the truth is different if she takes such brutal step it will ruin both the family and its respect. There is a quotation, ‘It is easy to preach others but difficult to practice it himself.’ even though a mother should keep a sympathetic attitude for her daughter.

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