A Saint and The Rich

Once upon a time a saint lived in Haridwar, a sacred place for Hindus now in Uttrakhand. He was quite popular among his disciples and in India too. It was believed that he had some supernatural powers. He lived with simplicity so that people paid him high level respect. What ever the saint suggested to any person he followed his words. One day a rich man, named Jaganath came to his hermit. He sat in a corner of the visitor’s room to see the saint. After a little while the saint entered in to the room and sat on his ‘Assan’. The rich bowed his head before him. The saint asked him the purpose to visit there. Jaganath said, politely, “I came here from a long distance to get your ‘Darshan’. I feel pleasure to see you. I have a desire to give you some money, one thousand gold coins. I will be grateful to you if you accept my offer.’ On hearing his request, the saint said, “My dear boy! I respect your emotions but I can’t accept it as it is not required by me.” But Jaganath was adamant to his desire and continued insisting on his offer to him. At last the saint said, “If you really want to give me that money you have to do my one work in place of it.”  The rich agreed to his proposal and asked his wish. The saint said, “OK, I accept your offer. Now this is your turn to do my work. I order you to throw these coins in to the Ganga.”  Hearing his words Jaganath got stunned. But he had to obey the saint’s order as he insinuated the saint.

Jaganath went to the bank of Ganga River on his heavy feet. He sat beside the bank of river and started throwing coins into the water one by one. After tossing every coin he counted it. Seeing his act a passer-by asked him what he was doing sitting there, it seemed to be rather funny. The rich said he was just obeying the order of someone. These coins belonged to the saint even though I had given him the money. The passer-by said, “If these are not yours now, then why you are throwing them one by one. It shows that you still are attached to them.” Hearing his thoughts, he felt embarrassed and got realization.

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