A morning before going to office

I got up hearing the alarm of the table clock at 5-15 in the morning. Stopping the alarm I again fell asleep. After that my eyes opened at 6 o, clock about the time of the sun rise. Every day, I want to go to a park for morn-walk and yoga but very reluctant in this job. I passed two hours just sitting idle in the drawing room. At 8 am, I went in to the bathroom and had bath with tap water. In the mean while a patient called me up as he wanted to get treatment under my supervision. I told him to wait in the visitor room. My office at my residence is in the basement of the house. After getting ready I went down stairs and provided him the best possible treatment. He came here to get treatment of his daughter and wife. His daughter was already under my treatment but his wife came here to get my advice for her treatment. I checked her all the pathological reports and diagnosed her disease before starting her treatment. His daughter was also feeling better than before but for her, I told him to collect her medicine from my main office. He nodded his head for his acceptance.

I organize a regular class of medicine in my office at the same place. The class duration is about an hour. I with my some colleague attend the class regularly. This class has been continuing for more than six years. The moment we finished our class, one of my old patients entered in to my office. This old patient is old by age too. He is suffering from hot flushes on the body. This is a strange type of disease like females have menopause syndrome. A few male patients at the end of their active sex life may suffer from such ailment. Giving him treatment we again continued our class. In the end we took a cup of tea with some biscuits and Namkeen.

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