Kites – a flop movie

Sam asked me whether I was interested to watch a new movie, named KITE. I gave him my acceptance by nodding my head. I have heard about this movie that it has Ritik Roshan as a hero. It was expected that it would do a great business but it was utterly failure to show its credit in the public. For its unsuccess, there were number of causes which can be counted as it was not released at the right time.

Ritik is in a lead role in this movie. He is a master of many arts. He does some odd jobs for his survival. He does paper marriage for the sake of money. The girl who wants to migrate in USA marries him in the court. Therefore the girl gets a legal status to live there. He, as every body has a desire to be rich also wants to become a multimillionaire. He comes in contact with a girl who falls in his love but he refuses to accept it. As soon as he knows that she is rich he starts loving her. She is the daughter of a casino owner. They also accept him as her boy friend. In her lovers house he saw a girl who was her wife and now is a fiancée of his lover’s brother.

He and his wife ran away from there and story keeps on going ahead with the old styled filmy tricks. At last, Hero and heroine died. In this way the end of the movie was tragic.

When I saw the movie I felt bored. The movie was picturized in Las Vegas that is why it was high budget movie. The acting in the movie was like English movies. Indian audience like Indian styled Hindi movie. Those who want to see English styled movie will watch English movie. That is also a reason of this movie being flopped. Indians don’t like tragic end in the movie. These are some causes of this flop show although the movie was good in my opinion but not in Indian context.

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