Magnesium Muriaticum — Homeopathy

Magnesium Muriaticum is a homeopathic medicine and is a good liver remedy although neglected in the homeopathic profession. It acts on the liver. The bowel doesn’t function properly so the stool becomes hard. The stool is hard, knotty or like a lump. It crumbles at the verge of the anus. Sometime it is like sheep dung. The patient feels pain at liver region that is better lying on right side and by hard pressure as found in Pulsatilla. All the magneseium remedies have pain as all the ‘Murs’  have constipation like ‘Ammonium Mur’ and ‘Natrum Mur’.  This is the reason that Mag-Phos is a known Pain remedy in homeopathy. Some people say it a homeopathic pain killer although it works when symptoms agree.

A patient Ms G aged 42, was suffering from constipation for the last fifteen years and had tried all the possible medicine but in vain. Mag-Mur was given to her and it relieved her constipation as well as pain in abdomen.

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