Hyoscyamus Nigra — Good for Typhoid – Homeopathy

Hyoscyamus Nigra is a homeopathic medicine, having delirium ranked near Belladonna and Stramonium. Belladonna predominantly has violent delirium most of the time and occasionally mild. Perhaps Hyoscyamus has low type delirium and even goes to the level of stupor and ultimately reaches unconsciousness like that of Opium. Rarely Hyoscyamus goes in to violent mania or convulsions. Its delirium is so mild that the patient does muttering most of the time indistinctly. It goes in to the delirium of lascivious form so he exposes out his genitals, talks and sings amorously. In the stupor he grasps the imaginary flocks, picks up the bed clothes or his genitals.

It causes Typhoid or Typhoid like diseases that are slow in progress. It has restlessness like Rhus Tox even where it is unable to control the condition Hyoscyamus is given intermittently. After that Rhus Tox completes its job easily. Dr Nash had given his cases where he gave Hyoscyamus as said above and got good results though he said he felt guilty to prescribe medicine in such a fashion. In stupor the patient answers the question with difficulty. He goes in to stupor during answering the question. It is difficult to arouse him from sleep. He passes feces and urine involuntarily in the bed.

Hyoscyamus patient is very suspicious in nature like that of Stramonium and Lachesis. He refuses to take medicine,  feels being poisoned. He has so many suspicions in the mind. He feels people are making plot against him. He is also loquacious. There is Dementia senilis. It is good in old aged patients.

Hyoscyamus has a peculiar type of cough. Cough is dry in nature. It is worse when lying down and better by sitting up. Even if all gone case of Tuberculosis has such symptoms it is also cured. In catarrhal cold it is a common symptom.

Jealousy is also marked in Hyoscyamus as in Lachesis. The patient has it in unhappy love. It has treated many incurable diseases.

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