Kali Bromatum- Homeopathy

Kali Bromatum also belongs to Kali group. Bromides were misused for sleeplessness, epilepsy, and convulsions as these were supposed to induce sleep when given in a physiological dose but in Homeopathy it is not used like this. It is given when the symptoms of the patient match the drug symptoms; then it doesn’t palliate the diseases whether it is insomnia or epilepsy but cure them.  Sleeplessness may occur if the patient is tired or physically and mentally over-exerted. We know Arnica Montana is a sure shot remedy as it has such symptom. When a patient is anxious, restless, driving from bed to bed at mid-night and fastidious too; Arsenic Album is a remedy to cure such condition of sleeplessness.

We know that the medicine doesn’t has a power to cure any disease but it stimulate the inner of the patient that is called ‘Vital Force’ which help the patient to throw out the disease from the economy of the body. Kali Brom can cause and cure the asthmatic condition of sailors who feel aggravated when they are at the sea-shore and feel better if they are in the sea. This is a peculiar condition which is found only in Kali Brom. No other remedy has this symptom equally ranked to it. There are so many other conditions found in Kali Brom, that I would discuss some time latter as I want to close it down now. It is just the promo of this neglected drug.

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