A young man having Gynecomastia and Homeopathy

A young man, aged about 21 years has recently taken exams of his final semester of engineering under graduate course and will join job in some computer company soon as he has got joining offer letter, visited my office. He was suffering from gynecomastia; a condition in which a breast likes prominence develops in a boy that looks ugly in appearance though the same enhance the beauty of a girl. Practically it is called a cosmetic problem but only the sufferer knows his agony. The young patient had also surfed on the net to know about this problem. In the same series he also wanted to gather more information about the problem from me. I explained as much I could in simple words to him. On his second visit he again asked me the same questions though I had already answered to his queries. He told me that he had read every thing about this disease on the net even though his thirst is not fulfilled. I advised him to live calmly and started his treatment with homeopathy. As there are some remedies available in homeopathy for gynecomastia viz. Conium, Calc Flour, Calc Carb, Aurum Met, Thuja and phytolacca and many more. It is not worth to mention all the names of the medicines here as this piece of writing is not for any scientific paper. Homeopathy has some answers of such diseases. As those who have got benefit from homeopathy can praise it highly others can’t understand the value of such a precious system of medicine.

Gynecomastia is found even in some new born when some solid- milk like substance present in their nipples. This substance is called witch milk in some communities. Old ladies in the house squeezed it out from the kids nipples and they got the normal appearance chest.

Second variety is developed through hormonal imbalance in teenagers. Estrogen level is raised from the normal and may cause gynecomastia in them. Obesity is also an additional cause of it. Those who go to gym to make their body may also get such hypertrophied breasts.

My above mentioned patient is also very much worried about his abnormal growth of breast. He says every third young man is suffering from gynecomastia. With this statement his anxiety can be estimated.

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