Lac – Caninum; Dog’s Milk; Homeopathy

Lac Caninum is a homeopathic medicine and is prepared from dog’s milk. When I with my some colleagues was reading this drug from a text book of Homeopathy it was noticed that the author used the word dog’s milk though it is also true dog can’t be in milk but bitch. Then why the writer had used the word dog’s milk. Each one of us has given his view on it but I think the word ‘bitch’ is used as abusive also so that the person responsible would use the word ‘dog’ instead of using ‘bitch’.  Why did the stalwart of homeopathy use the name of this medicine ‘Lac Caninum’ in place of ‘dog’s milk? In this system name of drugs are derived from Latin or Greek exception might be there. ‘Lac’ means lactose or milk and Caninum means dog or related to its family. In this way Lac Caninum word was used for dog’s milk. In this pathy, medicines that are prepared from some secretions of animals are called ‘Sarcodes’.

In the earlier days of its invention, physicians were not in favor of using it because the source of it was not considered good. But it was used by the then physician as a last resort when needed. It has a very peculiar and ascertained drug picture. The most well proved symptom of this drug is that pain alternates the side or erratic in character like Pulsatilla. Pain and other ailments like inflammation or swelling fly from one spot to other. A patient has pain in right leg today it will go to left tomorrow  and vice –versa. A patient has pain in right tonsil on one day and the other day it will shift to left tonsil and third day again go on to other side. Dr. Nash quoted a beautiful case of Tonsillitis in his book. He said he was called to see a patient suffering from tonsillitis. After examining the patient he prescribed some medicine. Next day he saw the patient whose affected tonsil was well but another was severely inflamed. Third day he was astonished to see that the condition was reverse – now again right tonsil was enlarged and left was all right, the patient was in a pitiable condition as he was unable to swallow even the liquid though he was inclined to empty swallowing. At last he gave him Lac Can. Next day to his utter surprise the patient was feeling well but some weakness and was taking oyster broth. The case showed effective and rapid action of this remedy.

Under this medicine, patient is sad gloomy, has negative feelings in the mind. Patient is quarrelsome and irritable too. If the disease condition matches with Lac Can it can cure many incurable ailments.

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