Religious Faith

I am a poor farmer of Jodhpur and have no personal field to earn my livelihood. I labor in the field of others to survive. Last year, I got an invitation to celebrate Holi festival at Guruji’s house. I requested my employer to grant me leave to go to Guruji’ house for celebrating Holi but my boss refused me to grant a leave even for a single day.  So even on the day of Holi I went to the field for doing work along with my lunch box. My heart was weeping invisibly and I was cursing my fractured luck. I was telling my Guruji, in thoughts, ‘Sir! My fortune is not as good as it should be… I am one of the unluckiest people in the universe… Otherwise I would also have been wet in different colours of Holi….’  I remembered my tears were not being stopped from the eyes… All of a sudden I started feeling something cold inside my body that began from forehead and then went to throat… then to chest… and after that in every part of the body. I couldn’t understand the reason of this feeling though the sun was shining brightly but my body was feeling a special type of coldness.

After finishing some work I stopped plowing the field and went at a lonely place. I startled suddenly and started thinking why I came here walking. At that time I felt something inside my head as if my head is drawn to sky. I raised my eyes at the sky and saw a white ball that was moving round. It had bright light and at that time shower of cold water from it began to drizzle at me. My head and clothes got wet. I felt such coldness in the body as if silver water were pouring on my body. I was wet from head to toe. With this experience I came back near my friends. Then a friend of mine said, ‘my dear where are you coming from? Did you plunge into the well?’  I said to him, ‘I can’t explain it but I think my Guruji had played Holi with me and he had wet me with the water.’

This is somewhat a religious story that is experienced by one of the devotees of the Guruji. I am unable explain it and I read it in a magazine named ‘Akhand Gyan’.

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