Touch Therapy!!!

Effect of touch!

God has given us five sense organs i.e. eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Each does its work efficiently like eyes see physical things; ears hear all sorts of sound; nose smells every type of odor whether good, bad or pungent etc; tongue tells us different variety of tastes even sometimes similar types of thing can be differentiated just only with the help of taste; skin also works like a sensory organ though it does some different functions too. Skin sees every thing by touching. In this way each sensory organ wants to do its assigned work efficiently.

When a man meets his any near and dear one, all the sense organs participate in this act. Only then the meeting is completed. The eyes see him gladly and feel pleasure. The ears are also eager to hear his voice. The man also embraces and kisses him; during this process, the tongue tastes his body, the nose also smells his body fragrance, and skin of both touch each other at the time of embracing and these three organs also satisfy their hunger in this way.

When a mother and child meet, mother hugs him and both feel a very indescribable joy. When anybody meets his elder, the elder touches his head and the man touches his feet, so both get pleasure through their senses. When a newly wed meets her grand mother, her back is rubbed gently by her grandma. In olden day’s grandma even used to smell her head. In reality, touching gives satisfaction to both. When we meet any sadhu, he also touches our head and gives blessings also. It means he wants to give us more pleasure by his good words. These good words are not reciprocal, only elders give blessings to younger.

Nowadays touch healing therapy is also very popular. This is used to provide relief to patients. Some people work as healers, when the healer touches a patient he feels better. I have also experienced the power of touch healing many times. Massage is also a part of touch healing. Touching is an important subject which requires extensive research work.

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