Chetak – A Horse

There are many things which we experience first time in life. I have read some history of India during and after school time. Recently I had been to Udaipur and the visit rendered me some additional knowledge. I went to a museum at Haldi Ghati. I saw a photograph in which Chetak; name of a horse belonging to Maharana Pratap, was standing on its hind legs and leaning on an elephant’s head with its front legs. The elephant belonged to the commander of the Mughal army. The elephant was trained like a soldier and it held the sword in his trunk. It used the sword as a solider uses it in war.

When Chetak was leaning on the elephant’s head, the elephant used its sword and badly injured one hind leg of Chetak. Even then Chetak with its injured leg took Pratap at a safer place about five kilometers away from the place of war. On the way there was a ‘Nallah’ that Chetak crossed with courage.

In every period people tried to use their brain at the optimal level. During Mughal period people used their brain for making army strong. A friend of mine Dr. Nagal told me a real story about a lady elephant when I narrated him what I saw in Haldi Ghati. He said a lady elephant lived in a village that was near Kosi in Mathura. The elephant was expert like an army man. He claimed that he saw it there before partition of India in 1947. It used a thick and long iron chain as a weapon. It held a chain in its trunk and revolved around itself. Anybody who came in the radius of the chain would be badly injured. In this way it was able to fight against the foe. These two instances are an addition to my knowledge.

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