Digitalis in Homeopathy

Digitalis is known as a cardiac remedy in old school but in Homeopathy it is used for many different conditions like jaundice, hypertrophy of prostate and respiratory troubles etc where the drug picture matches with the disease portrait. The patient has sickly look, pale face, clay like white stool, appetite is decreased, deathly nausea with sinking sensation in stomach, feeble and slow pulse that is marked. Pulse is intermitting; every third, fifth or seventh beat is missed.

In old school it is given in tachycardia but in Homeopathy used in bradycardia. The patient doesn’t move as he has fear that if he moves the heart would stop beating.

The patient feels suffocation when he lies down He gets up and doesn’t go to sleep because of fear of suffocation. In old age the patient has difficulty in passing urine; voiding of urine that is caused by enlargement of prostate. If symptoms agree this drug does wonder and has made many brilliant cures.

Digitalis is worse from motion and sitting erect from lying. There is nightly emission with great weakness after coition. He has great weakness of chest and can’t bear to talk.

Dropsy is a prominent feature of Digitalis that occurs after suppressed urine, post-scarlatina, or brights disease.

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