Plants also recognize friends and foes

A new park was developed in the neighborhood field of Chinu and Minu. All the children of the colony went there to play whenever they got time. There was a pond in the middle of the park where fishes swam. There were many varieties of flowers in different colors. Chinu and Minu both loved flowers but there was a board with a warning – Plucking of flowers is prohibited. Therefore they didn’t pull out them.

Mintu, a friend of Chinu and Minu, slyly plucked the flowers daily. One day Minu got jealous of Mintu when he saw him yanking flowers. Therefore Minu also covertly pull out flowers and kept it in his pocket. Reaching home in the evening Minu showed Chinu those flowers. Chinu asked him surprisingly, ‘When did you collect them?’ Minu said proudly, ‘That time you were feeding fishes.’ Meanwhile their mother came there. Seeing the flowers she also felt happy but she annoyed and asked them, ‘You did badly by plucking the flowers. If all the children tweak flowers one day the park would be converted in to desert.’ Minu felt discouraged but said in his defense, ‘Mom, flowers bloom daily and fall down after being dried. So what is the harm if we decorate our house with them?’ The mother said strongly, ‘Yes, there is harm. Think! If all do like you all the flowers of the park will be finished and people will be deprived of their beauty. Not only will this but the plants also be sad.’ Minu felt embarrassed but couldn’t believe that plants can be sad; so he said, ‘Oh Mom! How can plants be sad?’ Chinu said before Mom said something, ‘Minu, Mom is saying correct as I have also read it in one magazine.’  Minu could still not believe but didn’t say anything in doubt. His mother understood his mental condition and said, ‘Chinu is telling you correct. I have also read it in a book that plants are also as sensitive as human being. It is discovered by scientists after careful research. Plants also recognize their friends and foes.’

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