Kali Iod – A homeopathic remedy

When a patient gets cold easily, recurrent attacks of sore throat, body aches, pain more at night; this is a condition which occurs after taking mercurial preparations. When such preparation is taken regularly it can cause its miasm on the body. If mercurial miasm or similar syndrome occurs in a patient it should be antidoted. To antidote this miasm, the two medicines, Hepar Sulph and Kali Iod, are used. If a patient is chilly, gets aggravated in cold, wants to sit in a warm room and wants to wrap himself in warm clothes Hepar Sulph is the medicine required to antidote such mercurial miasm. Kali Iod is a medicine required to antidote mercurial miasm if the patient is hot, feels worse in a warm room, and wants to move constantly.

Kali Iod is an  anti-psoric and anti-sycotic medicine. The patient is warm blooded so that he can’t sit in a warm room. He feels tired when in rest and in a warm room. The patient wants to move constantly which keeps him fit. Open air gives him comfortable feeling except in coryza. Its coryza becomes worse in open air. So, during coryza he suffers more; if he sits in a warm room his other complaints gets worse except coryza and if he goes in cool open air his coryza gets aggravated.

Kali Iod patient is irritable, uses harsh language even abusive sometimes. He is restless also. There is coldness of the painful part of the body. Externally the patient feels heat though he is not febrile. But internally cold drinks cause him sick though he drinks a lot of water.

It’s all the discharges are green in colour. Eye discharges during conjunctivitis are green in color. Nasal discharge, leucorrhea etc are also green.

The patient may have hives, nodular eruptions, syphilitic ulcers etc. They all may be cured with a high dose of Kali Iod.

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