A mild lady – Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla is a medicine for those who are indecisive, mild, gentle and yielding in disposition. She always weeps, can’t narrate her complaints without weeping. She is sometimes very irritable too. She is as irritable as mild. She is anemic and chlorotic but may have false plethora. She is slow and has lelucoplegmatic temperament. Her complaints start at the onset of menarche and since then she never feels well.

Changeability is a red line symptom of the remedy. It is so marked that even two stools are not alike, two chills are also not similar etc. Pains are wandering and erratic. There are shifting pains as found in Kali Bich and in Lac Can. Pains come suddenly but go gradually. It has one sided complaints even it has sweating only on one side of the body. Pains are better by slow motion; Rhus Tox is also better by motion except the first but continued motion may cause aggravation; Kali Iod is also better by continued motion but when he takes rest he feels tired, warm room also makes him sick. Pulsatilla is a hot remedy so she feels suffocation in warm and closed room. She wants to sit in cool open air which makes her feel better. There is one more peculiarity in its pain. If she has the more pain she feels the more chill even in warm room.

It is a thirst less remedy. Even in fever when mouth is dry she doesn’t have thirst. Its stomach trouble is worse in the morning and mind symptoms are aggravated in the evening.  She has no thirst but cold water relieves her complaints and agrees to her stomach. Cake, Pastries, ice cream, fat food and pork cause her stomach complaints.

It has headache of school going girls. They are anemic and chlorotic. If they take iron tonics it may cause bad effects. It is good for bad effects of iron and quinine. Mumps and measles may cause metastasis that produce mastitis in females and orchitis in boys.

Menses are scanty and protracted. Most of the complaints occur before menses and relieve if menses appear properly. Leucorrhoea is excoriating in nature though all the discharges are bland, thick and greenish in appearance. All the mucous membranes have catarrh which is bland in nature. Eyes, nose, ears and larynx have yellowish green thick discharge.

It is a very good remedy for gonorrhea and earache. If there is no indication of any other remedy for earache it will do better for earache.

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