A balloon of millions dollar

Common Wealth Games have been completed with peace and India had got many medals too. To make opening and closing ceremony attractive CWG bought a high-tech balloon in many crores of rupees. Now it has been packed in a box and will be there for another many months as per news paper reports. Such decision has been taken due to the enquiry that is being made to find out the culprits who did corruption with the CWG funds. As per the report a meeting was to be conducted at this issue but was postponed later on. It is also being said the balloon may be dysfunctional in the box due to moisture there. A special type of technique has been used in the balloon.

Getting any order from enquiry officers and high command CWG may take any decision in this matter. Vice-president of CWG committee told that the decision regarding the aerostat will be taken by sports department. Presently everybody is trying not to take the responsibility of the balloon.

A question arises if the balloon is handed over to any committee how it will be used. It is doubtful that it can be floated in open air for the public because it can be damaged by any miscreant or the environment. It can’t be used for any commercial purposes as the vision doesn’t go far behind the existing situations. It can be used in a laboratory or institution for learning purpose. One more thing can be done that it can be sold out through auction if any legal or emotional boundation is not present in the way. Otherwise such a celebrity balloon might take its last breath in the box.

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