‘Doctor, when I go to bed I feel someone under my bed and if I sleep under the bed I feel someone on my bed.’ The doctor replied that he would be all right but he had to take the treatment for some months and expenses would be five thousand rupee per month.

‘I will tell you after some time,’ the man answered and went home.

One day the man met the doctor in a party. The doctor asked him about his health so he replied that he is all right now. Actually I narrated a carpenter my problem which he solved easily by cutting the legs of my bed and charged just only ten rupees and since then I am perfectly well.

A lover said, ‘I have become the happiest person on the earth as you said yes for marriage.’

The girl replied in surprise, ‘Is it so? Last month I said yes for marriage to a man but he reached on the seventh sky.’

A man said to his newly wed daughter-in-law, ‘You are very lucky my daughter. You will get two million dollar after my death.’

The daughter-in-law retorted, ‘Oh God! I was told that I would get the money immediately after the marriage.’

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