Relations between employees and employers

There is a factory, Allied Nippon Limited, where the manager of the factory was killed by the workers of the factory. The labors were agitating for their some demands. Somehow the agitation had been converted in to bloody war. Under the war the manager of the company was killed and twenty seven persons were booked with their names in the case. Eight persons were arrested by the police and the FIR had been filed against three hundred fifty people. The company has been closed till Monday.

Senior police officer stated that the arguments between administration of the factory and the workers were going on the issue of their demands. On Saturday it had been converted in to violence which caused twelve persons injured. The company manager, Yogender Chaudhary was also among the injured who died in the hospital next day. The city magistrate ordered to close down the factory till Monday and deployed armed police there to maintain the peace.

Such types of incidences are increasing day by day which show that the people’s animal instinct is being dominated in the present that provokes man to indulge in arguments. Before freedom of India or even many years after the independence the workers in the factories were harassed brutally; so against this cruelty many labor unions came in existence and many laws were framed in favor of labors regarding their salaries, health and general welfare of them. These steps protected the labors from every hassles and the life of them came on some comfortable track.

As the time advanced the scenario again has started changing but in other way round. These labor unions have been stronger with a pace. Now they try to blackmail the factory administration and pressurize them for their undue demands. Generally these demands are not for the benefits of the labors but just for the office bearers of the unions. If their demands are not fulfilled they threaten the authority that they will close down the factory in the name of strike.

One more interesting thing is these undue benefits are passed only to the union leaders not to the workers. Babu is a petty contractor who does petty work related to building construction line. He arranges the labor himself for his work. One day he entangled in arguments with a labor, Shyam as Shyam did some mistakes in his work under carelessness. So Babu told him not to come at work next day if he was not ready to accept his fault.

Shyam felt insulted and went home. He narrated his story to his friend what happened that day. His friend advised him to see the labor union. His friend told him that there are so many unions office in our area and he knew one of them. Both went to a union office where they detailed them the whole incidence. The man in the office told them that he would teach your contractor a lesson but before that they had to become their member. They paid him one thousand rupees as membership and filled the form for the same. After that he registered their complaint. The leader summoned the contractor. Getting summon Babu felt uneasiness. He was anxious what he should do against this summon. After a long search he came to know that one of his friends, Jain could help him to solve the problem.

Babu and Jain went the union office to know the reason why they were called. Having known the problem they asked the leader what to do now. The leader himself suggested them to pay five thousand rupees for compromise. The matter was settled in three thousand. Babu took  a sigh of relief that he had solved the unwanted trouble.

Next day the leader called both the parties and got signed on the compromise paper and gave Shyam five hundred rupees.  The time has come to review the relations of employee and employers and to form the new laws according the new requirement.

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