Ladies special coach in Metro train in Delhi!!!

Some weeks ago the metro-train authority of Delhi announced good news for females as they reserved the first coach of every train for ladies. It was appreciated by the ladies and even by the gents. A large group of men always favors if any exclusive facility is provided to women. Some people think that women don’t deserve additional privilege as it reduces their ability. It is really true if anybody gets extra facilities he can’t become as competent as he can be.

Sometimes it is also seen that those who get extra privilege misuse it. When it happens the society is forced to think why this extra facility is given to them. This extra facility is called special quota. The fresh example of it is seen in the metro coach when some people entered the ladies coach.

Nowadays the police are running a special drive at metro stations. They are running this drive in such a way that even some women are also protesting it themselves. On Thursday Gurgaon police had beaten the men who entered the ladies coach. Not only they had beaten them but also made them sit in the pose of a cock. Many people condemned this action of the police. They said the police have taken this drive when the passengers have almost stopped entering in the ladies coach.  Although the police denied the incidence of beating but the photo published in a newspaper was telling the truth.  On the other side the passengers also protested against the police torture. Some ladies also showed the courage to become bully at that moment.

It is said that the police started this drive at five metro stations after getting the complaint. After this beating incident the public started protesting against the police act. Some ladies also beat the passengers but some retorted the act of the police. They said majority of the passengers are educated in metro. Therefore the police should not behave the public brutally. At that time some police officers were also present there.

India is also living in the 21st century when punishing a school boy is considered crime but the police are beating people as if they were animals. The police have no authority to behave like this with the public. The Govt. must take such incident seriously and take action against those police officers who are found guilty of this crime. The Govt. must send the police officers for orientation program where they will be taught how to behave with the public.

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