Adoption v/s buying a child

ur society is full of things that are antagonist to each other. Even the same thing is good for one person or society and bad or curse for another. A newly born child also falls in the same category. If a child is born in an affluent family his arrival is celebrated. Suppose the same child is born in an affluent family but he may not be liked by some members of the same family. If the jealous member of the family is also criminal mind the child’s life may come in danger.

In another case, if a child is born in a poor family he may be welcomed as a new arrival, but he may come in trouble if one of the parents is greedy and lacks emotions. He or she may sell his new born gift given by God to any buyer. There is a saying, ‘Rich gets rich and poor gets children;’ but this proverb doesn’t fit here because parents love their child. It is very unfortunate when  parents are obliged to sell their child just merely for the sake of money though sometime this selling give the child a better fortune if he gets new affluent and affectionate parents. If such child is bought by some bad element the child will be overwhelmed by worse misfortune.

Having found such business lucrative some people have adopted it as a trade. They buy and sell the newly born children. All the people whether buyer, seller, and trader are in benefit except the child whose fortune are really at stake. He may or may not be benefitted.

Yesterday the Delhi police cracked such a racket and arrested the sellers and their co-workers including the doctor and NGO’s members. They were arrested under the criminal act. In this modus-operandi one interesting point is found. The lady who wants to buy a child is first admitted in a nursing home as a pregnant lady and is about to deliver a child. During the admission in a nursing home a child is handed over to her after taking the settled money and the false documents are prepared as if the lady had delivered the child. In this way when the lady goes back her home she says this is her own delivered child. If she adopts the same child it will be called an adopted child forever. This emotion works behind this modus-operandi.

Under the influence of emotions she forgets that buying the child is a criminal offence but adoption of a child is not.

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