It happens only in Europe but not in India

There is a cold weather every where and in Europe the temperature has even gone many degrees in minus that varies from place to place. A store in Spain, in this chilling weather, has given a strange offer to the people. It announced to give a dress free of cost to those hundred undressed people who will come first in to the store in the following morning. It was its slogan: Come in undressed and go out dressed.

Going through this advertisement, people began to gather in front of the store even from mid-night. They were wearing only lingerie when standing on the road. Some of them were making fun too. Till early morning a huge crowd had gathered there though there was a cutting cold.

As far as the store is concerned it got a lot of publicity with this formula. If it had used some other method for getting publicity it would not have got that much publicity. Therefore its purpose has been fulfilled after spending a little amount.

The second question is related to the people who have shown their interest in it and went there. Had they really gone there for the sake of fun in such a bad weather or they were so needy for the dress so that they were forced to act like this. The answer may not be as easy and straight as it looks. The faces of the people who participated there didn’t show that they were really in need. Even then there seems to be a possibility that some of them were deprived in true sense so their presence is understandable. Now next question comes for the remaining people. Did they really come for the sake of amusement? The answer may again be in affirmative for some of them. A few of the people still may have been left who don’t fit in any of the above said categories. I think there is a possibility that the remaining people went there just to see what might happen there or can say that they went there under the influence of mass hypnotism.

It is definite that if such an offer were given by any company in India there would have been a lot of hue and cry. It is not difficult to understand the nature of Indians. In reality it is the culture that doesn’t permit them to behave like Europeans.

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