Security of senior citizens !!!

In today’s newspaper there was an advertisement regarding security of old people given by Delhi police. I have gone through it but after reading it many questions arose in my mind. I just want to share them with others. There is no ill will about these thoughts but may be helpful in searching the remedy for the olds.

The first slogan in the advertisement was that security of the senior citizens is our priority. It means rest of the securities come after that. Does the security of women and children may come on least precedence? What about terrorism, it comes on which number in the priority list. Consequently it can be said, ‘If you are in Rome do as Roman’s do.’

In the next advice, the police suggested them some precautions. Number 1- Fix a magic eye and safety chain in the door. This is good if you use such safety devices but these devices can’t assure your safety. If a known person with bad intentions comes to the house the old man will open the door.

Second point: Install safety devices in the house like house alarm, closed circuit television, and door camera; these devices can help in catching the accused but may not be helpful in stopping the crime.

Third: it is advised to fix iron grill in windows, doors, and the place of cooler as well as AC. This is definitely a good guidance but fixing the grill on the door doesn’t provide better safety rather looks ridiculous and shows that those who live inside are psychic.

Fourth: keep the servant after police verification. It is a better opinion but the police must declare it what type of verification they do in verifying the servants.

In the next point it is said that get your work done from known plumber, electrician, carpenter and labors or recommended by RWA’s. This counsel is half correct; All the RWAs don’t keep such workers after police verifications so one must not rely on them.

Some recommendations are certainly good as these are; don’t trust on the servants who come to your house after a long interval. If you want to go out of the city inform your neighbors and keep some light on. Keep your valuables in the bank lockers. Connect your house with your neighbor’s house through alarm.

There are so many other suggestions that must be kept in mind but the truth is that the crime graph is going high like inflation of prices of the onion.

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