A king and a saint

Once upon a time, a Saint visited a king, whose kingdom was quite prosperous. The king asked him how he could serve him. The saint said, ‘O, king! I have a small pot, please fill it up.’ Then the king said, ‘I get this small pot filled with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, ruby etc. at the moment so that you need not demand money for the whole life.’ Having gotten the king’s order the treasurer began to fill the pot with valuables but there was no sign of filling the pot. Very soon the treasurer went out of valuables.

The king along with his courtiers was amazed to see the scene so he said to the saint, ‘O, saint! Tell me about the pot from which matter it was made. The whole treasury had been empty but it couldn’t fill up.’ The saint replied that it was made from the bones of human skulls so that the desire of this pot would never be fulfilled.

Hearing it the king startled and said politely, ‘Hearing your talk my curiosity has been aroused so kindly explain this mystery in detail.’ Then the saint replied, ‘O king, the desire is such pot which can’t be filled up by all the valuables available on the earth. The desire make the man dance like monkey, wander like dog, blind like owl even in the sun light and due to his greed his existence come in to danger like fish. It is difficult for me to explain all the forms of desire in words. Hearing it the king awoke and the dream taught him a lot.

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