Anna Hazare – New Gandhi of India !!

Anna Hazare is the man whom every Indian knows nowadays. He emerged up like a new ray of hope for India. If Anna states something people are obliged to think that it has value. Anna was born in a small village of India as most of the villagers are born. He started his career as an army- man. He had also participated in indo-pak war in 1965 when he was in the army.

Having left the army he concentrated his time in the welfare of his village. Under his guidance the village has come up as a model village that has no scarcity of water and electricity. Before that the villagers felt abandoned. Now they feel pride that they hailed in this village. Most of the people of his village have left addiction to alcohol, tobacco and sitting idle.

Anna studied the problem of India minutely and found that corruption can be rooted out if an appropriate law is formed. Having understood it he began to agitate for making such law. Recently his efforts have started taking shape but this is still in womb. This is a herculean task. He and his fellow country-men are very hopeful and think that India will become corruption less soon. The Govt. of India has accepted his first demand of forming the committee for the same after getting heavy pressure from all sides.

There are ten members in the committee, five members are nominated from the Govt. side and five names are recommended from Anna’s side. Two members of Anna’s side were from the same family. Baba Ram Dev reacted on it in the media. People criticized his statement. Having interpreted his statement, Ram Dev modified and said it was not his intention as it appeared in the media.

There are some prominent persons who are revolving around Anna. Why these people revolve around Anna, only God knows. A thought has emerged in the public mind that these people also belong to power broker group. If these people are really honest they must take oath that they neither will become the part of the Govt. nor join any political party in this life. Only then their integrity can be considered somewhat pious.

Anna praised Narinder Modi and Nitish Kumar, the two chief ministers of two states of India. Some one criticized Anna’s statement. On the very same day Anna rectified his statement. People of India feel that Anna is the second Gandhi of India. He should be firm on his statement. He should not change his words at any cost; other wise people will lose their faith in Anna. It is felt that Anna can change India’s scenario.

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