PCOD and Depression


A lady Mrs. MG came to my office in the morning for her some ailments many weeks ago. She explained her problems that were the mixture of physical and mental sufferings. At the physical level she was not getting her menstrual cycle and on mental sphere was very depressed. After examining her and seeing her laboratory reports I concluded her case and diagnosed it as PCOD. The full name of this abbreviated term is as Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. She was in a bad shape as suffering from depression. Depression itself is  a very dreaded disease in which the patient may even try to commit suicide when the case is in worsening position.

I noted down her history and findings of ailments as suggested by Dr. Hahnemann in Homeopathy. After analyzing the case she was prescribed the homeopathic medicines. She responded well to the homeopathic medicines as her depression had gone down. She started her daily work as she did it previously. So she was not getting much trouble at the emotional level now and it was the big achievement for the patient. But still she was suffering from Acne on the face, Obesity and Amenorrhea (absence of menses).

She wanted me a favor on the menses part as she felt uneasiness due to the absence of menses. She was very keen for appearing of the menses. When she was taking allopathic hormonal medicines she got the menses every month. On the same pattern she wanted to get her ailment eradicated in Homeopathy too. Then I gave her some information how Homeopathy works. And at that time she shared her thought that she got from her sister-in-law. She said, ‘My sister-in-law who is an allopathy doctor told me that in Homeopathy, Only steroids are used in the name of treatment. So you better stop taking Homeopathic medicines and again switch over to allopathy. Now you tell me what to do in this situation.’ It was a shocking news to me.

I couldn’t get one thing why the lady doctor cum her sister-in-law misguided her. There are so many options in this lady doctor’s case. First, the lady doctor doesn’t like the patient; it may be either due to some old grudges or just out of some jealousy that is beyond the preview of this writing. Second, she -doctor might have felt humiliated that the patient had got relief in her suffering from other system of medicines; it really happens with some doctors as I also know such a few of them. Third, the doctor knows nothing about the other system of medicines but some bad rumors; it is also a shameful act for a doctor who maligns the piousness of other system of medicines as all the system of medicines are meant  for patients. And millions of patients are being benefitted by different systems of medicines though every system of medicines has its own limitations. In my view it is a crime as well as a social offence, if anybody tries to misguide any patient.

To assure Mrs. MG I showed her homeopathic materia medica in which description of homeopathic medicines were given. When she read its some pages and found that raw materials used in Homeopathy don’t belong to any type of steroids rather most of them were prepared from herbs. She was satisfied with her treatment of PCOD as getting relief under the Homeopathy.