What a dedication!

Mr.RCG is seventy, gives or takes a few years, and is one of the members of my study circle. We have been studying together for the last ten years or so. Recently he got a problem in his vision due to cataract that has been developing for some time in his eyes though he was continuing his study without much difficulty. For about a month ago he felt difficulty in reading so he got his glasses changed but of no use. Examining his condition the doctor advised him to go for a cataract surgery.

He is a medical bill reimbursement beneficiary because of being a retired Govt. employee. He chose the hospital that is empanelled in the Govt. list. After examination the doctor told him that there are different varieties of lenses available and the Govt. pays us a certain amount for it. If you want to get better quality lens, you will have to pay the balance amount from your pocket. RCG agreed to his proposal after consulting me and Dr. Vinod, our common friend.

On 31st December, a New Year eve, in the afternoon he went to the hospital for the cataract surgery. His operation was done on the same day and was discharged.

Next day, the first day of the New Year 2012, I was bit lazy in the early morning as I knew that no body would turn up to attend the class. I was surprised to see Mr. RCG in the morning with a box of sweets in hand. After exchanging the New Year wishes and having a cup of tea, I asked him whether he was interested to attend the class. To my utter surprise he replied that he came there not only to wish me a happy new year but also to attend the class. After that we went to attend our class.

He has a firm belief in Homeopathy as he knows about the superior efficacy of the Homeopathy. Having seen his such inclination I suggested him some medicines that help after surgery.