Ipecacuanha is generally called Ipecac, it’s short name, in Homeopathy. It is considered a short acting remedy used in acute diseases like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, cold, hemorrhage and even in bronchitis, pneumonia etc.. It acts well in acute asthma. It shows its efficacy when drug picture corresponds to the patient’s morbid condition. This medicine has gained a lot of praise in the literature. Other systems of medicine use it only for limited purposes viz. for inducing vomiting, and in cough syrup as per my notion.

Homeopathy enumerated its real power to treat different ailments. I have also used it successfully in many different conditions even in asthma and hemorrhage.

It has special affinity on gastric ailments like Pulsatilla and Antimonium Crud. It has constant nausea and vomiting. The tongue is clean or mildly coated but Antim Crud and Pulsatilla have white coating tongue. Pulsatilla is a thirstless remedy but Ipecac has thirst. All three remedies get gastric symptoms after taking cake, pastries and rich food. Even after a lot of vomiting Ipecac has nausea. It is good for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

It is good in asthma and bronchitis even in capillary bronchitis; when the doctor examine the child’s chest, he finds rales on the whole chest – anteriorly and posteriorly.  The child vomits a lot of mucous in vomiting. Ipecac looses the phlegm adhere to the bronchial tubes. It helps in the conditions occurred in the cold seasons and when days are hot and nights are cold; so it is good in autumnal dysentery. It is not even a full glimpse of Ipecac but I want to stop writing on it, other wise this piece of writing may be turned into some boring event.