Jumping like the spider-man

I drive my car I always find my radio of the car on. FM channels are quite popular on the radio nowadays. Today when I was on the way to my office the radio jockey was telling news. A man jumped from the high rise building just for the sake of fun. He remarked that people are influenced with the characters like ‘spider-man and batman’ etc. Previously people used to jump from the top of the building just for committing suicide. They did it out of depression though majority of the societies think that men suicide only when they feel helpless.

Radio jockey said that he didn’t know why people take their life when they get it after passing many million births in different species like animals, insects, reptiles and etc.

Having heard his thoughts I was also bound to think about it. It is true that such thought is written in Hindu literature.  I was always confused about this type of birth theory. I have argued so many times on the issue with so many people in different ways. Sometimes I talk in favor of it and another time against it. I generally manage to convince others with my arguments but always find myself in doldrums as far as this issue is concerned.

In everybody’s life such movements come, a few lucky people never come in this category. When one thinks about mutilating ones life by any available means but such teachings helps him to come out of these dark and gloomy periods of life. In this way the old teachings still today play a big role in our life to live peacefully.

People jump from a high place just out of excitement; this is truly a serious situation which should be tackled in time.